Private transfer Tien Thanh to Ho Tram by LIMOBUS


Private transfer Tien Thanh to Ho Tram by LIMOBUS price is given per vehicle. 9 seaters can accommodate up to 7 passengers with check-in luggage.

Baby seat up to 3 years old!

In case if you will need a baby seat, please add the the baby seat price +10 USD to your cart on checkout page. Thank you!


Private transfer Tien Thanh to Ho Tram by LIMOBUS


Private transfer Tien Thanh to Ho Tram by LIMOBUS will take you to your destination in a safe, timely and stylish manner. Whether for personal or professional purposes, we provide well-designed transfer service from point A to point B. Fixed prices, punctual, courteous, professional drivers, impeccable customer service are and will always be our top priorities. It’s the best solution who wish to enjoy a private drive at a reasonable price on one of our standard routes.

Besides, the private transfer Tien Thanh to Ho Tram by LIMOBUS is door-to-door transfer, and you’ll be picked up directly from your hotel or residence. We ask that you wait in the main lobby, and we take you to a destination point without any hassle or having to pay other charges. On average, the trip from Tien Thanh (Phan Thiet) to Ho Tram beach (Vung Tau) takes 3 hours.

In sum up, whether it’s a day or night we have the right vehicle for your trip, and our payments provider Stripe accepts major debit/credit cards including VISA Debit, MasterCard, Discover, JCB and American Express. Moreover, all our employees take their responsibilities very seriously to make each customer’s transfer successful.

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About Phan Thiet


Mui Ne beach, and Tien Thanh are districts of Phan Thiet city, and Phan Thiet is the capital of Binh Thuan province. Mui Ne is a fishing village that actually located on the Mui Ne peninsula, and Mui Ne beach is not there. Phan Thiet is a fairly young town, with the town’s 100th anniversary only celebrated in 1998. 100 years ago, Phan Thiet was a small fishing village, which today has grown into one of the main beach resorts in the southern part of Vietnam. The city of Phan Thiet is divided into 18 districts and Ham Tien is the Mui Ne Beach Resort District where can be found hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants on both sides of the road. Read more: Mui Ne beach – (liveinmuine.com)


About Ho Tram beach


Ho Tram is a small beach town in Vung Tau province, and the nicest beach destination in the province. Beach located around 125 km from Ho Chi Minh City, and 35 km from Vung Tau. Large and wide Ho Tram beach is popular weekend spot for wealthy Ho Chi Minh city residents, and also a resort destination for international tourists.