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We are a small group of people living in Mui Ne for years. We are actively working in the tourism industry since 2008 and would like to offer our services in making Your stay in Mui Ne as pleasant as possible. Take a look at what we can offer to you and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like us to tailor something for your specific needs. Liveinmuine.com is licensed service provider. Licensed number 3401136557.


The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. With an estimated 92.7 million inhabitants as of 2016. The country is bordered by China to the north, Laos to the northwest, Cambodia to the southwest, and the South China Sea to the east. Its capital city has been Hanoi since the reunification of North and South Vietnam in 1976. Mui Ne (Bai Rang or Rang Beach) in Binh Thuan province. Binh Thuan is a coastal province of South-Central Vietnam with over 192 km of coastline, natural area 7849 km2, a population of over a million people of many different ethnic groups lives. Mui Ne Rang Beach is the fastest developing resort in Vietnam and Vietnam’s premier beach resort destination, located 15 km northeast Phan Thiet city, on the shore of South-China Sea.

Mui Ne was a small fishing village sparsely inhabited along the peaceful and quiet coast. Mui Ne described by the locals as the beach that is nestled in the middle of a coconut palm forest. Around 300 years ago fishermen from neighboring areas settled here to fish and produce the nowadays world-famous fish sauce. Here you find no house number, no street name but a narrow road covered with beautiful white sand that cushions each footstep. Surrounded by thousands of lush green coconut palms, this coastal hideaway is exceptionally stunning with a deep blue ocean viewed on one side and vast golden sand dunes on the other. Mui Ne enjoys a unique combination of two lifestyles, coastal and desert. Tourism started in the area around 1990 as it was the best place in the world to witness an eclipse. Nowadays it’s full of luxury resorts, hotels, restaurants, beach bars, shops and everything else required for a perfect holiday.


Phan Thiet, Mui Ne has Vietnam’s driest climate, lowest annual rainfall, and sunniest weather, with an average temperature of 29⁰C. Mui Ne weather is best from December until February when there’s constant cool ocean breeze and the air is dry. From March till June it’s hot and dry. April is the hottest spring month with mid-day temperatures averaging up to 35C (95F). From June until November is a rainy season with splashes of rain after the sun has set. Morning time is the best time for swimming as the wind rises before noon time and creates waves.

It’s worth mentioning that Mui Ne is the best place for kitesurfing & windsurfing in Vietnam. It's a perfect place for relaxing, swimming and sunbathing around the year.

Mui Ne is safe enough to walk around in night time. Petty theft is the most common crime that tourists face, and more often than not it’s simply the result of carelessness. If you really don’t want to lose something, don’t bring it with you in the first place: wearing jewelry or expensive phones is asking for trouble. By taking some simple precautions, you can greatly reduce the chances of becoming a victim. Do not carry your bags behind your back. Carry them in front of you so that you are aware of what is going on. Ladies should NOT carry handbags and use cell phones while they walking on the street as they can easily be snatched by moving motorcyclists. You can leave your passport, identity card and any important documents at hotel’s safe deposit boxes.


Liveinmuine.com is an airport transfer company providing a reliable and affordable transfer service since 2008. Liveinmuine.com operates from/to all airports in Vietnam, including Ho Chi Minh City – Tan Son Nhat International airport (SGN), Hanoi – Noi Bai International Airport (HAN), Cam Ranh International Airport (CXR), Dalat – Lien Khuong International Airport (DLI). By booking Liveinmuine.com transfer you’ll get a direct transfer to your destination. Whether it’s an airport, port, train station, town or city, hotel or private address, we will arrange a vehicle to pick you up and drop you off. Just tell us where and when you’d like to go, whatever time day or night our vehicles could be available to suit all your needs. All transfers are Private Transfers and this means that the vehicle is solely for you. Liveinmuine.com is licensed service provider. Licensed number 3401136557.


Cheapest mode of transportation is a local bus which can take you directly to Phan Thiet City. Xe om (motorbike taxis) are available everywhere, but prices have to be negotiated. Taxis are available but make sure to use the ones with a taximeter. If there’s more of you than one, taxis are a cheap way to get around. If you stay in Mui Ne for more than a week, the best mode of transportation is still a bicycle or motorbike. Vietnamese driving licenses are mandatory for all drivers of motor vehicles as well as for riders of motorcycles with a capacity of over 50cc. Non-Vietnamese citizens are only permitted to drive in Vietnam if they hold a temporary Vietnamese driver’s license. Traffic rules and practices are uncommon for most foreigners. Drive slowly (max 30km/h) in the middle of your lane, as left side and also a portion of the right side of the road is for upcoming traffic.


Tired of sitting around on the beach? We organise private trips & tours to most interesting places around Mui Ne and beyond. A private tour means that you don’t have to “share” your guide with anyone else. Private tours are interactive, you get your guide’s full attention. No deposit, no booking fees, you simply pay after the trip directly to the tour guide or driver. Take a look at what we can offer to you and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like us to tailor something for your specific needs.

As soon as your plane touches down Vietnam, chances are you will need some money in the local currency — for a cab, public transportation, meal etc. You can withdraw cash from ATMs, which are plentiful around international airports and everywhere in larger cities. Smaller cities or villages may not have ATM or have an ATM but there’s no guarantee that it will be functioning. If you’re traveling and you’re not sure if an ATM will be available, it’s a good idea to have some local currency on hand. Preferred currencies are US dollar and Euro. ATMs give 1.500.000 – 2.000.000 VND in one transaction.


Liveinmuine.com offers leading resorts, apartments, and villas for your vacation. The properties featured on our website are direct contractual partners. We are located in the Phan Thiet, Mui Ne, and it enables us to be in regular close contact with all listed properties and to ensure that our consultants are well experienced and informed. As an independent, privately held company we are able to provide prompt service and unbiased information to discerning travelers from around the world.


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