The cost for a private MINIBUS transfer from Can Tho to Ho Chi Minh City is per vehicle. Our spacious 17-seater minibus can comfortably transport up to 14 passengers with hand luggage, or up to 10 passengers with check-in luggage.


Seamless Travel Experience with Can Tho-HCM Minibus Transfer: Efficient, Reliable, and Customer-Oriented Service

Start your journey on a high note with the Can Tho-HCM Minibus Transfer service, delivering you from the busy streets of Can Tho to the bustling metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City (HCM) in style, safety, and punctuality. Our service is tailored to accommodate both personal and professional travel needs, offering an impeccably designed transfer experience that caters to all.

At the heart of our Can Tho-HCM Minibus Transfer lies a commitment to providing you with a top-notch transportation solution at a reasonable price. We understand the stress that can come with navigating between cities, and we aim to make this process as seamless as possible for you. We do this by offering fixed prices, punctual and professional drivers, and outstanding customer service – aspects that continue to be our top priorities.

In choosing our Can Tho-HCM Minibus Transfer, you opt for a door-to-door service that begins with a pickup directly from your hotel or residence. We kindly request you to wait in the main lobby for our professional driver, who will then transport you to your desired destination without any unnecessary hassle or hidden charges. The trip between Can Tho and HCM city typically lasts around 3.5 hours – a journey filled with comfort and efficiency, ensuring your travels are stress-free.

Our Can Tho-HCM Minibus Transfer service is designed to accommodate your schedule, whether you’re traveling by day or night. We have the right vehicle ready for you whenever you need it. To enhance your travel experience, our payment system is smooth and reliable, accepting all major debit and credit cards, including VISA Debit, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, and American Express.

At Can Tho-HCM Minibus Transfer, every employee contributes to the success of our service, taking their responsibilities very seriously. From our dedicated customer service team that answers your queries to our professional drivers who ensure your safe arrival, we are all committed to making your transfer a success.

We invite you to peruse our customer reviews to gain an insight into our operations. We value our customers’ feedback and consistently strive to improve our services based on their experiences. We are proud to say that the positive testimonials we receive are a testament to our commitment to offering exceptional services.

In essence, our Can Tho-HCM Minibus Transfer service is more than just a transportation solution. It is a commitment to offering an exemplary, stress-free travel experience between two of Vietnam’s most vibrant cities. With our service, you can sit back and enjoy the journey, confident that we have all your transportation needs handled professionally and attentively.

Choose Can Tho-HCM Minibus Transfer for your next trip. Let us be your travel companion, and experience the difference that a dedicated, customer-centric service can make to your journey.

Venturing through Vietnam with Can Tho-HCM Minibus Transfer: A Memorable Transit Between Two Distinctive Cities

Embarking on your Vietnamese voyage with our Can Tho-HCM Minibus Transfer service enriches your exploration of this country’s vibrant culture, historic marvels, and natural wonders. This comfortable and dependable transfer service seamlessly links two of Vietnam’s most enthralling cities – Can Tho, the grandest city in the Mekong Delta, and Ho Chi Minh city, the energetic economic heart of Vietnam.

Can Tho, famed for its intricate network of canals and buoyant markets, delivers an unfiltered snapshot of Mekong Delta living. A boat tour through these waterways is an unmissable experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the unique pace of life that exists here. It’s a radiant, charming tableau that stands in stark contrast to the modernity of Ho Chi Minh City. The Can Tho-HCM Minibus Transfer service ensures you capture every moment of this compelling contrast.

Through the Can Tho-HCM Minibus Transfer, we gracefully transport you from the serene riverside life of Can Tho to the rhythmic dynamism of Ho Chi Minh City. Formerly known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is a thriving metropolis where towering skyscrapers coexist with ancient pagodas. A city that never slumbers, it offers an endless array of cultural encounters, from exploring war relics and colonial structures to tasting the city’s vibrant street food.

Opting for the Can Tho-HCM Minibus Transfer gives you the freedom to explore these diverging experiences at your own pace. We pride ourselves on delivering a service that excels in flexibility, comfort, and security, making it the perfect transportation choice for travelers who seek uncompromising quality and reliability.

Moreover, the Can Tho-HCM Minibus Transfer is designed to accommodate a range of needs and preferences. Whether you’re a solo adventurer attracted to the urban labyrinth of Ho Chi Minh City or a family eager to experience the rural allure of Can Tho, our service ensures your journey is tailored to suit your exact requirements.

In essence, the Can Tho-HCM Minibus Transfer does more than just carry you from one city to another. It facilitates a journey of discovery through Vietnam’s diverse cultural, historical, and natural landscapes. It’s a service that appreciates the wealth of experiences that both Can Tho and Ho Chi Minh City offer, guaranteeing travelers reach their destinations in comfort and style.

So, why delay? Make your Vietnamese adventure unforgettable with the Can Tho-HCM Minibus Transfer service. Experience the fascinating juxtaposition of tradition and innovation, rural and urban, tranquility and vibrancy that characterizes the incredible journey from Can Tho to Ho Chi Minh City.

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Ho Chi Minh City View: Can Tho-HCM Minibus Transfer

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