Binh Thuan beaches erosion


Binh Thuan beaches erosion. Mui Ne is losing its beautiful beaches to serious erosion which is damaging seaside resorts while local authorities have yet to find a solution. Initial research from Binh Thuan’s Natural Resources Department revealed that in the past three years, the water had intruded some 3-4m inwards.

Besides, in Tien Thanh Commune, research showed sea intrusion even reached between 30 and 60m over the past 10 years. The research also revealed that along with a total of 192km of coastline suffering from the most serious landslides and thus they needed urgent and special protection. Those areas included Mui Ne.

Moreover, to cope with the situation, the province had built a total of 12km of sea dikes and embankment, with investment capital worth VND1 trillion (US$44.3 million), including a 3km dike along the Mui Ne.

The province had applied high technology imported from the Netherlands, but the project was interrupted due to damage from high waves during construction. Thus, the committee said the province had to change methods of construction. In the long term, the official requested investment and planning to set up a plan to concretize all dike system in the province.

Small waves build beaches, big waves destroy them. Mui Ne waves and currents are big enough for erosion. Will see how the government will find a solution to this problem, which becomes especially important in connection with plans to build an airport and an increase in the number of tourists in Mui Ne.

  • Jordan edwards

    You need to contact my brother Harry baker at white sands resort. A wall was built into the ocean that caught the sand and created a beach. Go an speak to him and have a look at the wall. He will show you how it works and he has pictures of the difference it has made

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