TAN SON NHAT AIRPORT EXPANSION – Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has decided to expand Tan Son Nhat International Airport towards the south wing as proposed by ADPi Engineering, a French airport architecture and engineering company, local news reports said. ADPi proposed building a new terminal covering 200,000 square meters in the south where the current domestic and international terminals of the airport are located. The newly proposed terminal would be able to serve around 20 million passengers a year. The cost of the new terminal is estimated at VND18 trillion (US$800 million). Meanwhile, land in the airport’s north wing where there now exists a golf course and 16 hectares of land managed by the Ministry of National Defense will be used to develop supporting facilities such as cargo terminal, aircraft repair and maintenance, logistics and food processing from 2025.

This option will spare tough land clearance work, and prevent inconvenience from the separation of the current terminals in the south wing and a new terminal in the north wing. If a new terminal is built in the north wing, its cost would be twice as much as the one in the south. PM Phuc said the decision had been made in a transparent manner and has got the nod from the HCMC government. The solution can ensure the efficient use of investment capital and land as well as security and safety for the airport. He assigned the Ministry of Transport to help ADPi coordinate with local consulting firms to complete the solution for effective land use in both the north and the south of the airport. Phuc said investment capital should be urgently sought and investment procedures promptly completed so that the new terminal could be up and running soon to ease overload at the airport which now handles 44% more passengers than the capacity forecast for 2020. When in place, the new terminal would raise the annual capacity of the airport to nearly 60 million passengers. Last year the airport served 36 million passengers. In a proposal for expanding Tan Son Nhat which was sent to the Ministry of Transport on February 27, ADPi said the airport should be expanded southward while an aircraft repair and maintenance center should be developed in the north. Meanwhile, a consulting team established by the HCMC government suggested expanding the airport to the north to better connect with the traffic system outside the airport.

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