The Imperial Citadel Thang Long located in the center of Hanoi . Citadel was the hub of Vietnamese military more than 1000 years. Besides, it was constructed on the remains of a Chinese fortress dating from the 7th century on drained land of Red River Delta. Moreover, the Imperial Citadel Thang Long was the center of regional political power for almost 13 centuries without interruption.

Because Hanoi is located in the northern region of Vietnam it experiences all four seasons. This means winters are cold, summers are hot, and spring and autumn are the most comfortable seasons temperature-wise. Rainy season is from April to October with June, July, and August getting the most rainfall. Generally, if your goal is to enjoy the most comfortable temperatures and the least amount of rainfall, you’ll want to visit Hanoi in either March and April or September to November.

The providing direct transfers from Hanoi International airport to Hanoi City center and to Halong Bay. Moreover, you can explore Hanoi and Halong Bay with directly from Hanoi International airport.

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The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is an important landmark of Ha Noi capital city and stands integrated to the political and social history of Viet Nam.Hanoi Hilton, Hoa Lo prison