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Hanoi Vietnam capital city located in North of Vietnam and have a great spot for visiting. The Hanoi city serving Noi Bai (HAN) International Airport which is approximately 45 minutes ride from the city center.

Besides, located in the middle of the Red River Delta, the town has gradually expanded to become a very populous and rich residential center. At different periods, Hanoi had been selected as the capital city of Vietnam under the Northern domination. The year 1010 then became a historical date for Hanoi and for the whole country in general. For about a thousand years, the capital was called Thang Long, Dong Do, Dong Kinh, and finally to Hanoi, in 1831.

The Hanoi Vietnam capital city does not have the high-energy nightlife as offering Ho Chi Minh City. However, Hanoi offering a unique blend of modern and traditional colorful local culture.

Because Hanoi is located in the northern region of Vietnam it experiences all four seasons. This means winters are cold, summers are hot, and spring and autumn are the most comfortable seasons temperature-wise. Rainy season is from April to October with June, July, and August getting the most rainfall. Generally, if your goal is to enjoy the most comfortable temperatures and the least amount of rainfall, you’ll want to visit Hanoi in either March and April or September to November.

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There is a list of things to do in Hanoi, Vietnam capital city. If you’re wondering where to go to Hanoi. Here are the best things to see in Hanoi:

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Hoi An Ancient Town is UNESCO heritage site, since 1990. Located in Vietnam, in the province of Quang Nam, only 30 km from Danang. Hoi An was known as a cargo harbor from the 15th to 19th century. Although the port of Hoi An was officially founded by Lord Nguyen in 1595, these areas have previously been inhabited at least 2200 years ago. Hoi An Ancient Town (會安) translates as "peaceful meeting place". In English and other European languages, the town was known historically as Faifo. This word is derived from Vietnamese Hội An phố (the town of Hội An), which was shortened to "Hoi-pho", and then to "Faifo". Originally, Hai Pho was a divided town with the Japanese settlement across the "Japanese Bridge" (16th-17th century). The bridge (Chùa cầu) is a unique covered structure built by the Japanese, the only known covered bridge with a Buddhist temple attached to one side. Hoi An port loses its shine when the European shipbuilding evolved and they were able to get into the Danang Bay by large merchant ships. Moreover, the Danang became the main port for trade in central Vietnam. Large merchant ships arrived from Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, United Kingdom and from America. The first Christian missionaries also visited the Hoi An, which made Hoi An the first city in Vietnam, that encountered Christianity.HANOI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Hanoi International Airport Nội Bài (IATA: HAN, ICAO: VVNB) located 25 km from Hanoi, and it is approximately a 45 minutes ride