CHAM ETHNIC TRADITIONAL POTTERY: The Ministry noted that during the planning and documenting process, Ninh Thuan provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies – Ho Chi Minh City branch will conduct surveys and studies, and invite localities with a rich heritage of Cham ethnic traditional pottery to participate in their research. One of the outstanding characteristics of the Cham ethnic traditional pottery making is the technique of making pottery without turntables or pottery wheels and open firing with straw and fire-wood. They are unique products bearing many historical cultural marks of the ethnic minority group.

Cham ethnic people use their skilled hands to create a variety of products in different designs, serving the needs of daily activities, beliefs, and religions, while expressing the creativity and cultural identity of the Cham ethnic group. They include water containers, rice containers, reliefs, decorative lamps, and statues of Apsara and Shiva. The traditional pottery crafts of the Cham ethnic group in Binh Thuan and the art of pottery making of Cham ethnic group in Bau Truc village, Phuoc Dan town, Ninh Phuoc District, Ninh Thuan Province were recognized as national intangible cultural heritage.


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The north central province of Quang Binh, known for the UNESCO World Heritage Site Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, is working to promote its tourism potential by fostering links with other localities to create new tourism products and attract more tourists.New Fishermen Show is an interactive portrait of Kinh and Cham ethnics inspired by fishing village in Phan Thiet in 1762.